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RI Engineering Inc. is a full service civil engineering company providing consultation, permitting, and design services for public, commercial, and residential development projects.

We provide civil and structural engineering services to the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay Area regions from our office located in Santa Cruz.


Our firm was founded in 2004 and we have extensive experience working on both public and private sector projects. We provide services such as civil engineering design, structural analysis and design, erosion control, storm water management and cost estimating. Our firm specializes in designing site improvements that meet the needs of our clients while blending into the existing environment. We often coordinate with outside sources such as architects, geotechnical engineers and surveyors in order to create the most effective and efficient team for each project.


If you are a survivor of the CZU Lightning Complex Fire and need help with your recovery and rebuilding plans, please contact us. We look forward to serving our community as we rebuild together.

(831) 425-3901 or


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