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3D Mesh of riprap and seawall evaluation in Pleasure Point.

RI Engineering performs aerial surveys using drone technology.  

RI Engineering is excited to be involved in the emerging aerial drone survey field.  We have the capability to quickly and safely survey large areas and create topographic models using photogrammetry software.  Aerial surveys can be utilized during construction to quickly analyze grading and stockpile volumes.   Where traditional survey is hazardous and cumbersome, drone technology can be used to safely survey seawalls, landslides, rip rap revetments, and coastal bluffs.  Please contact us to determine if your project would be a good candidate for aerial survey services.  See below for examples of previous survey projects.

We look forward to working with you on your project.


Example of quick stockpile measurement to determine available material during construction.


Aerial Survey of Project on Santa's Village Road for Durden Construction.  During construction grades checked for earthwork import & export quantities.  


Aerial Survey of Seawall in Pleasure Point neighborhood of Santa Cruz.  Flights from different times of year can show seasonal changes in beach sand elevation and evaluate riprap displacement.  


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